Rare and Exceptional Whiskies

Brûlé's spirits cellar is all about whiskies!

Brulé drinks menu features some thirty rare and prestigious whisky brands from all around the world. The head bartender and his team will be keen to let Brulé regulars try these extraordinary whiskies and crazy cocktails, such as "Le Brulé". This subtle and audacious mix of an exceptional old rum and classical rye whisky with cinnamon sprinkling is a visual delight as much as a gustatory one.

As for the "Stone Sour", it revisits american iconography with its hint of buffalo bourbon and housemade pop corn syrup. 

For whisky non-afficionados, other rum, tequila, mezcal and pisco based cocktails have been invented to give rythm to the festive and colourful nights at Brûlé! 

Discover the Cocktails menu
Cocktail prices range from €10 to €16  


Located At 2 rue Meyerbeer 75009ParisFR

+33177489494 Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation
  • Monday to Sunday Available for private events only